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Our Clinics 

Travel Immunisation 
The practice nurse will advise and arrange for foreign immunisations. It is advisable to make an appointment well in advance of your journey. Please note that not all immunisations for travel are available under the NHS. Our nurses can give you details of a local Travel Clinic for non NHS services. 
Family Planning 
All doctors and Nurse Practitioners are qualified to provide a full range of contraceptive advice. Our Practice Nurses can also carry out follow up pill checks. 
Patients are invited to bring their babies and young children to the surgery for their vaccinations and immunisations. Please make an appointment with a Practice Nurse. If you are newly registered here, please drop in a copy of your baby's vaccination history so we can update your records and ensure you are called in for boosters at the right time. 
All adults should be immunised against tetanus every 10 years and for some occupations it is recommended to have protection against other diseases. 
Flu injections 
Flu immunisations are recommended for the following: 
Patients aged 65 and over 
Patients with respiratory, heart, kidney or liver disease or diabetes 
pregnant women 
Patients in residential care 
Main carers 
The flu jab is available from the beginning of September - please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse or HCA. 
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) 
Pregnant women are advised to have vaccination against whooping cough between 28-38 weeks of pregnancy. The UK currently has a large outbreak, and newborn babies have the highest risk of complications. Vaccination during the last 3 months of pregnancy provides increased immunity to your baby. Please make an appointment with the nurse. 
Are you a carer? 
Do you care for someone else? We have a carers' information pack which you can browse in the waiting room, or you can download and print here. Please let us know you are a carer so that we can co-ordinate care for you and the person you care for - please ask for a form at reception. 
Available Clinics 
Our practice emphasises the importance of keeping well, so we provide the following clinics: 
Carers’s Support 
Cervical Smears 
Child Health 
Chlamydia Screening 
Flu Jabs 
Health Checks 
Heart Monitoring  
INR (Warfarin Monitoring) 
Keeping Healthy 
Minor Surgery 
Nursing Services 
Postnatal Care 
Sexual Health 
Stop Smoking 
Test Results 
Travel Clinic 
Vasectomy Clinic 
Weight Management 
Private Medical Certificates and Examinations 
The doctors are happy to sign private certificates, private health insurance forms and holiday cancellation forms etc. A fee will be charged for this use of doctor's time. They will also perform private medicals, eg HGV, PSV, elderly driver, fitness to undertake sports and pre-employment medicals - these will require special appointments. 
NHS Health Checks 
As part of the campaign to reduce heart disease, we are offering health checks and advice on how to reduce cardiovascular risk. 
Alcohol screening 
Excessive alcohol intake causes significant health problems and results in large numbers of admissions to hospital for complications. Newly registered patients are asked to complete a short questionnaire on alcohol and its effects. This is scored and advice is given to those at risk of health problems related to alcohol. 
Learning Disability Annual Reviews 
People with learning disabilities are known to be at higher risk for health problems . This group is also known to be less likely to seek health advice. Our health checks provide opportunity to review the health of patients with learning disabilities, their medications and discuss issues that they may feel too embarrassed to ask about (such as contraception). 
We have a number of trained chaperones amongst our reception team. If you would like a chaperone to be present during your appointment, please let your GP or nurse know or inform reception when you make your appointment. 
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