From West Street PPG to Patients of West Street Surgery

From West Street PPG to Patients of West Street Surgery

October 2020

Ref your PPG

Dear Service User,

Due to the current situation your PPG has been unable to continue their face to face meetings held at west street surgery, this also applies to any allocated tasks.

These uncertain times leave us unable to engage with the surgery in the normal way. However we are holding online meetings and although no substitute for meeting your fellow volunteers face to face it seems that this format will remain for the foreseeable future.

So please if you have an issue you wish us to be made aware of you can contact the surgery through the website or Facebook which is also on the surgery website.

A source of information regarding the role of PPG,s and latest covid news google N.A.P.P and click on eBulletins which hold a wealth of informative reading. You might even decide to join us. Information on how to do this is on the surgery website.

Something I have just seen on the September eBulletin is that Self Care Week this year is 16-22nd of November. The aim this year is to re-inforce current guide lines: Quit Smoking, Good Nutrition , Exercise and ways to protect our Mental wellbeing

I have found some good recipes on YouTube which are all vegetable based. I made a vegetable cake last night very uncomplicated and good to heat up for lunch the next day. Having a daily walk is becoming more difficult with winter fast approaching so maybe the next thing is to set up some sort of exercise regime. Everyone will have their own ideas on this and remember only do what is comfortable for you. You don’t have anything to prove. There is loads of advice on exercise on social media or how about checking out the NHS website.

Mental wellbeing is more difficult but could be helped by exercise. Social interaction in a normal situation would be an obvious suggestion. I do know that there are groups out there offering support (If you are reading this and have any details that would help please post). The NHS website also has a lot of information

Age appropriate: could also check out Age UK and silver lining.

Your PPG wish you well.