Test Results

Blood tests

West Street Surgery does have a practice based phlebotomist, but our service does have restrictions which mean that not all patients are able to have their blood test taken here at the surgery.

Patients may be referred to the new community service, with a choice of having blood tests at the Arndale House in Luton or the Dunstable Health Centre based at Priory Gardens Surgery.

If the doctor tells you that you need a ‘fasting’ blood test (usually for check cholesterol/lipids) please ask for an appointment before 11:00 as you will need to fast for 12 hours beforehand. Likewise, if you are having a test for testosterone you will also need an appointment before 11:00

Test results

To obtain test results, including x-rays, blood results and cervical smear results, please ring the surgery after 2 pm on weekdays. Receptionists are not able to give results to patients until the doctors has read the result and authorised its release.

It generally takes 2-3 days to process blood results, so please give 72 hours before calling the surgery. Please be aware that it may be necessary to speak to a doctor to obtain certain results.

To preserve patient confidentiality, no information can be given to a third person without the patient’s prior written consent. You cannot therefore request results for your spouse, partner or a child who is over 16. If you ask the doctor at the time of arranging the blood test, and provide a mobile phone number, we can send you your blood test results by text message.

You can request or view the results of your blood tests, cervical smears and other specimens online. You will either be directed to your SystmOne login, or if you are not registered for online services you will be asked to complete the Test Results Request form.

In future you may wish to register for online services to have the ability to view your test results, book or cancel an appointment, request a repeat prescription, change personal details, and view your medical records without visiting the practice.