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West Street Surgery is actively involved in medical research. This is headed by Dr Price. 
What is research? 
Research is important because it helps to improve healthcare by finding out which treatments work best. Last year over 142,000 people participated in studies in primary care. Research is particularly important in General Practice as we see the importance and effects of different treatments in normal life, and indeed it is where most patient contacts take place. 
Research at West Street Surgery 
We are accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners as a research practice, and we are affiliated to the UK Clinical Research Network. 
UKCRN was established to support clinical research and to facilitate the conduct of trials and other well-designed studies across the UK. 
Any research conducted under the UKCRN has full “Ethics Committee” approval, which means it has been vetted to ensure that it will provide useful information, and that due consideration has been given to any risks to those involved. 
Taking part in research 
We generally take part in no more than two research trials at any time. Patients are invited to participate in a trial if they meet certain characteristics specified by the organisers of the research. 
If you are invited to participate please consider any information given to you carefully. 
Taking part in a research project can vary greatly and might involve completing a questionnaire, agreeing to an interview with a researcher or taking part in a clinical trial. 
Any patient participating in research must give informed consent. You have the right to choose whether to participate of not, and refusal will NOT affect the care given to you by your doctor. 
All data is anonymous, and handled in the highest confidence. 
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